Can Job Boards be Successful?

According to the founder of one of the major job boards is that the only 12% of jobs are found through job boards.

Job Searching

Searching for jobs are quite hard especially if you have not done it in a long while, but later you can see and learn that there are easier ways of getting a job. For example job board which is also a lot of improvement compared to the old way of looking newspapers. There are quite few advantages such as more job varieties, more employers, and spotting and avoiding recruiters. These are all true however in the job market most of the position are never advertised.

One third of the job are filled with already know applicants, they are those that come from existing suppliers, partners, or even competitors. In employment this is the biggest growth sector, some companies even offer incentives to existing employees that find new recruits, that now makes the 8% of the employment market. The last third part is being fulfilled through the job placements and advertisements. So this means that by fulfilling almost half of the total percentage in the job market in five years just shows the great success of the job boards but there are also negative aspects.

Job boards that are human?

Because the job application is no longer handled by human directly is only reviewed through a computer system the chances of applicants being noticed or standing out are very limited. So the percent of rejection is much higher compared before.

The lack of human interaction has been deemed by companies and corporation as one of the main problems nowadays. The whole idea of this is that only the right people with the right skill set, and recommendation typed in their application will be deemed appropriate by the computer system. So what can it say about companies that want to hire human beings and there are also psychological testing and screening that is set by the company that you have to agree to.

Model for businesses are job boards

Another main problem is the job board business models. This just implies that the competition for the jobs will be much more fiercer. The effect will be that only the business model that job seekers are a commodity and offer their services for free are the only ones that survives. The recruiters and employers need to pay in order to access the database for the profile of the applicants and this is where the money comes from.

Job application success

The result for both of these problems is that the market will show that the job board owners have said is that only 12% of the jobs will be filled through help wanted job boards.